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Kitronik Introducción
Kitronik - Kitronik is a Nottingham based electronics company which specializes in developing project kits and learning resources for schools and home hobbyists. Kitronik aims to inspire and engage people of all abilities to further their knowledge of electronics, coding, and design by offering a well-designed, well-manufactured, innovative product range, and free resources, all backed by detailed product descriptions, knowledgeable staff, and fast delivery. They create high-quality products and resources for education and makers and, as such, stock an extensive range of electronic project kits, components, tools and test equipment, a wide range of materials, and also e-textiles products including conductive thread.
Kitronik productos
Interruptores de pulsador
Conjuntos de cables
Cables USB
Direccionable, Especialidad
Tableros de Desarrollo, Kits, Programadores
Kits y placas de evaluación y demostración
Tableros de evaluación - Tableros de expansión, Ta
Placas de evaluación - Sensores
Cajas, Cerramientos, Bastidores
Evaluación, Recintos de la Junta de Desarrollo.
Hardware, sujetadores, accesorios
Estructural, Motion Motion
Motores, solenoides, placas de controlador / módul
Motores - AC, DC
Productos de bateria
Soportes de batería, clips, contactos
Fabricante / bricolaje, educativo
Kits Educativos
Kits de robótica