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FERROXCUBE Introducción
FERROXCUBE - Building on their Philips Magnetic Components heritage, FERROXCUBE, offers customers the highest level of support in the development of their new innovative design. As a leading supplier in ferrite-ceramic technology, they offer a broad range of soft ferrite cores, accessories and EMI suppression products to support equipment manufacturers in their electromagnetic inference. They also offer extensive design-in support including application information and software to help designers optimize their new designs. +More With a strong R&D team, they continue to develop lower power losses and higher saturation magnetic flux densities over a wide range of operating frequencies. Their aim is to support today’s digital electronic markets with products combining miniaturization with ever-greater functionality. -Less
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Magnética - Transformador, Componentes Inductores
Núcleos de ferrita
Bobinas (Formadoras De Bobinas), Montajes, Herraje